Wind Damage

Strong winds can ruin your roof even without storms or hail. Typical wind damage is not apparent and goes unnoticed to the inexperienced eye. If you do not get your roof examined after a strong wind, it can be costly in the future.

When the winds are strong enough, they can raise your house’s shingles or move debris over your roof, leading to more damages. If the wind is strong enough, it can cause more harm than just ripping a few shingles off. 

But it’s necessary to know when your place is actually at risk from strong winds. The wind speed your roof can endure will depend on some circumstances. Usually, older roofs can withstand less strong winds, but new roofs that are not well installed can also be affected. There is no guessing if your roof will be affected by wind damage, which is why it’s necessary to examine your roof after high winds or storms.

Usually, winds as fast as 70-90 miles per hour are the origin of winds that can create roof damages. However, sometimes a wind at 50 miles per hour can cause middle loss. Depending on how old your roof is or the materials employed to build it will also be more susceptible to wind damages.  

Signs of Potential Hail Damage

  •    Missing shingles
  •     Curling shingles
  •     Splitting, cracks, or broken shingles
  •     Uplifted shingles
  •     Clogged or damaged vents
  •     Leaking roofs
  •     Breezes into your home
  •     Reversed up or bent gutters
  •    Chimney flashing missing or damaged
  •    Debris accumulating on your roof

Consequences of Wind Damage

  • Speeds Shingle Granule Loss
  • Precipitate Collapse of Roof System
  • Early Failure of Siding
  • Unexpected Breakdown of other Exterior Building Items

The best thing you can do after a storm or windy day is to check your roof. At Palmetto Roofers, we are an authorized and guaranteed roofing company with extensive expertise in fixing roof damages caused by wind. 

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