Wood Roofing

There are two types of materials commonly used to make a wood roof – wood shake and wood shingles. Both are shaped in a curved form and are attached individually to an undercoat.

Wood Shakes 

Wood shake is a variety of roofing material created by cutting thin rectangles from a wooden trunk. They are typically cut on one side and carved by hand on the other side. This process makes them thicker than wood shingles.

The shake wood does not get reduced by the sawing process, producing a highly textured material and not a thinner one. Wood shake presents a thick textured surface and delivers a great aesthetic with depth and dimension. 

The beauty of this type of material comes from the different texture patterns, ridges, and scratches that happen throughout the splitting process. Each piece is unique and looks different from the rest. 

Heavy hand-split cedar shake is a durable type of wood that grants protection against hail, UV sunlight, heavy rain, and wind.

Wood Shingles 

Wood shingles are sawn on both sides and present a cross-grain pattern. Compared to shake wood, they are smaller at the end but are much more uniform and have a smooth, flat surface.

The typical species used for roofing are western redcedar, coastal redwood, bald cypress, and eastern redcedar. These varieties have elements that resist moisture, are toxic to fungi and insects, and also make the wood shingle dimensionally steady.

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