Low Slope / Flat Roof

low slope roof diagram

A roof that is almost flat or lightly bent is named a flat roof or low slope roof. You won’t find an entirely flat roof because it needs at least a small slope to drain.

  • A low-slope roof has an incline smaller than 3-in-12. Meaning that for each horizontal foot, the roof standard goes up less than 3 inches vertically.

A steep-slope roof needs gravity to make water run in a specific direction so it can discard the water over the cracks in the shingles until it moves to the end.  

Current Low-slope roofs or Flat roofs use a connected membrane coating which can better hold pools of persisting water. These membranes are implemented as united layers, connected with heat-welding or adhesives.

Commonly, low-slope or flat roofs would use a built-up roof made of tar and gravel. 

Nowadays, this traditional type of roofing experiences low performance, high cost & environmental concerns requiring solutions with more advantages. 

A good Low Slope/Flat Roof should: 

  • Have good performance against the strong wind,
  • Endure freezing temperatures,
  • Protect from the UV that comes from the sun,
  • Withstand expansion and contraction without affecting the ability to hold and scatter water.

If you want this high performance from the Low Slope Roof, you need to have a well-engineered attachment, seaming & weathering.

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