Synthetic/Rubber Slate Roofing

Synthetic Slate Roofing looks like the conventional Slate Roof but can be made on a variety of materials, including plastics, polymers, clay, fiber cement, rubber, steel, and asphalt. Rubber Slate is much used since it has many advantages when compared with real slate, from installation to the ability to be recycled.

The benefits of choosing the Rubber Slate Roof start on the installation considering it has a lower cost. Opposed to other traditional roofing materials, rubber slate roofing comes in the middle, being less expensive than Real Slate and Clay Tiles but more costly than asphalt and architectural shingles.

The installation when done by a serious company such as Palmetto Roofers, will make your roof last much longer than the original slate and other roofing types. Besides maintaining a good appearance for years, they weigh very little making the installation a simple and fast process.

Other advantages are that Rubber Slate is made from materials combined with ultraviolet inhibitors to reduce sun damage. Most of them come approved for Class 4 impact resistance, increasing the endurance of your home. Commonly, Synthetic Slate Roofs come with Class A fire ratings, meaning that the tiles do not create burning shreds and embers that could spread fire to the rest of the house.

Last but not least, Rubber Slate is eco-friendly since it can be recycled.
When made of plastic, the tiles are built with recycled materials such as recycled plastic, rubber, plastic, cellulose fibers, and mineral dust.

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