Roofing and siding make the exterior cover of your home. If one of them is worn out, the entire house can seem incomplete or unattractive. They are also the first line of defense against the weather elements. That is why the materials have to be long-lasting, correctly installed, and well maintained. 

You will save a lot of time and money by choosing a single contractor to do both jobs. If you prefer to do them separately, you can end up paying for labor costs on two different events. Most roofing works can be completed in a few days if the weather allows and if you have a good contractor.

Both jobs demand an assessment before the works start and, it is more efficient to have a simultaneous examination performed. The longer it takes to fix siding or a roof, the higher the price. Palmetto Roofers offers you free estimates so you can make a thoughtful investment and do not get surprised at the end.

Having a preserved siding will significantly decrease your energy bills and help extend the roof lifespan. Throughout winter, you will have less heating expense and reduced cooling costs in the summer.

Having roofers with relevant experience, training, and knowledge of the proper roofing materials to do the job will grant you an aesthetic and safer siding.

Depending on the contractor you hire, they might suggest leaving the old siding and adding the new one on top. You probably thought about it since it might be cheaper, but we from Palmetto Roofers don’t believe that is the best option, especially if the old one has mold growth or other structural issues is hiding beneath. To do a proper job, once the old roof is detached, a good contractor should do a structural inspection of the decking. By doing this, you can be sure that there is no expensive repair hidden.

Popular Siding Materials

There are many materials used to do the siding of a house, and some popular ones are: 

  • Wood siding: shingles, wood planks, panels, and boards. Wood has a great appearance but a high maintenance cost.
  • Metal siding: aluminum and cheap overseas steel. It is very used because of the low maintenance cost. 
  • Vinyl siding: It comes in siding layers with interconnecting points just like aluminum.
  • Cement siding: Produced by using recyclable material, making it resource-efficient.

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