Tar and Gravel Roofing

Tar and Gravel is a very common material between the contractors and manufacturers because it has a high percentage of protection for the underlying materials used on built-up roofs (BURs), and it is light material so it can weigh down the roof, making easier to use some type of roofs like the Single Ply.

The Tar and Gravel Roof can also be known as Built-up Roofs or BURs. It is built using alternating layers of roofing pressed together or fiberglass and asphalt applied with heat, which are mix to create a long-lasting strong roofing system. The “gravel” used is normally some kind of aggregate supply like pea gravel, slag, or pea-sized mineral granules and, these elements serve to provide the Class A surface heating specification.

gravel bed BUR
tar and gravel roof

The gravel deposited on the first coat of asphalt preserves the underlying sheets from natural elements, including UV rays and hail damage or heavy wind and rains. The asphalt makes the roof a waterproof system, but using the gravel layer extends the roof lifespan. 

To choose what type of gravel and the weight will be required for your project you need to consider the underlying coats, the composition of the building, and the climate. Using Tar and Gravel Layers on Flat Roofs is extremely important since the water and moisture can build up instead of draining off like on a Sloped Roofing System. 

The benefits of Tar and Gravel Roof

  • Increases the roof lifespan, lasting about 20 to 25 years;
  • Has waterproofing aspects especially for Flat Roofs;
  • Helps to decrease the weight of the roof system being suited for Single Ply Roofs;
  • Prevents degeneration like cracking or blistering that leads to leaks;
  • Protects against the UV rays;
  • Prevent weather damage.

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