Spanish Tile Roof

Spanish Tile, also known as barrel roof tile is a term often used to define the multiple kinds of semi-cylindrical roofing tile that are placed in an interlocking design.

Spanish Tile roofing gives your house a distinguishing and chic look. The use of Spanish Tile can be witnessed in the remarkable architecture of St. Augustine, Florida, the Jesuit missions of California, and the colonial cities of Central and South America.

This type of tile endures bad weather and fire, prevents damage made by insects, small animals, rodents, and it doesn’t rot. If you are looking for a roof that can last a long time and doesn’t need much maintenance, Spanish Tile is an excellent option. One of the characteristics that make Spanish Tile so lasting, is that they can be replaced individually.

Many house styles look great with Spanish Tile, even those that aren’t created in the Mediterranean or Spanish style. Our workers from Palmetto Roofers will assist you in the process to decide if Spanish tile roofing is the one for you.

Spanish Tile Benefits

  • Rot-resistant, 
  • Fire-resistant, 
  • Insect-resistant,
  • Redirects rain run-off,
  • Humidity resistant, 
  • Long-lasting.

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