Tin Roofing

Tin Roofing is also known as the typical residential metal roofing, but it is a rare and unique metal used for residential roofing. Tin Roof manufactured from the chemical element Tin.

Tin roofing panels are produced by mixing rolled steel and coated tin. The tin is chemically attached to the steel in a plating method where the steel is heated and overfilled with melted tin. The steel and tin particles are unstable because of the heat. This process makes it easier to fuse them permanently.

This heating and bonding process makes Tin enduring and resistant to cracking. If your roof is correctly installed and properly maintained can last decades longer when compared with other roofing material types.

Its lasting quality comes from easy repair and maintenance, Tin roofing is also eco-friendly, using up to 30%- 60% of recycled materials.

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