Clay Tile Roofing

roof with clay tiles

Clay Tile Roofing is made from selected materials applying modern manufacturing techniques. Most roofing tiles were created from slate or a fired clay or terracotta product.

Today’s roofing titles are very often fabricated with molded, tinted concrete. The premium structure guarantees their original appearance for longer than conventional options.

Roof tiles are attached to the roof structure by fixing them with nails. The tiles are normally attached in parallel rows, with each series overlying the series below it to eliminate rainwater and to hide the nails. 

There are also roof tiles for special situations, particularly where the levels of the many grades meet. They are called ridge, hip, and valley tiles. They can be fixed with cement or mechanically attached. 

Roofing tiles are made in many shapes: 

  • curved, 
  • flat, 
  • fluted, 
  • interlocking

Tile roofing is ideal for moderate environments in which there are occasional rains with a large quantity of water in a brief period or roofs that endure hot weather or exposure to salt air.

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