Gutter Damage

Gutters are made to protect your house from the rain, they work by redirect water away from the foundation. They are the horizontal metal (or other material) components of the roofing system, they are normally placed along the eave edges of your roof. They also have downspouts, which are the vertical closed tube directing the water from the roof to the ground level.


When the gutters are removed, damaged, or blocked the water ends up going inside your house, walls, and maybe the foundation. Modern homes are created to conserve and maintain energy, but in the process, these places can also trap moisture that causes damage to the house interior.
Some problems may come from broken gutters such as moisture in the basement, on the concrete floor, in the attics, and walls. This moisture can also create fungal wood rot.

Rain gutters are one of your home’s most necessary protections against the elements. You must examine your gutter system at least once a year and Palmettos roofers can help you with that and with the installation.

Here is a listing of the most popular gutter materials so that you choose your next rain gutter purchase with certainty.

  • Vinyl Gutters
  • Aluminum Gutters
  • Steel and Copper Gutters
  • Stainless Steel
  • Wood Gutters
  • Sectional vs. Seamless

Gutter System Benefits 

  • Prevent water damage to the roof
  • Prevent Moisture in windows;
  • Stop Water to enter the foundation.