Slate Tile Roof

Slate is a natural mineral quarried directly from the earth and has no additives. You can successfully identify it because of its texture and low-level shine. Slate usually has a high percentage of mica in the composition and, some can have up to 40-percent.

Endurance is one of the leading points of having a slate roof. It can last for a long time, 30 years or more. The long lifespan of this type of roof pays off the relatively expensive initial investment with the installation.

Slate is a sedimentary rock and composed of many layers. These layers can cleave or slice, improving slate quality because it makes rainwater shed away. Besides the design, the slate is very dense and doesn’t absorb much water. Deciding on using a Slate Roof, you will enjoy the fireproof feature and the ability to keep insects such as termites or carpenter ants out of your house.

 Slate Roof Benefits

  • Appearance
  • Durability
  • Fireproof
  • Protection against insect infestation

The Slate installation is a delicate and complex process and requires expert installers to do a good job! You can count on Palmetto Roofers to make the best work possible. 

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