Roof Repair

The roof is an essential component of your residence, and problems with it will lead to problems for the rest of the house. Your roof is the first defense against the weather elements such as heavy rains, hail damage, etc.

Paying careful attention to your roof situation will help prevent future damages and save you a lot of money down the road. Your fix could be as easy as installing new shingles or replacing the flashing, and Palmettos Roofers can help you to identify the problem right away.

We can assist you with: 

  • Damaged flashing;
  • Worn-out sealant; 
  • Punctures;
  • Damaged vent boot;
  • Damaged or missing shingle; 
  • Corroded vertical slits;
  • Broken plumbing vent boots.

As soon as you notice a freshwater stain on your ceiling or hear a loud thump on the roof, you should schedule a roof inspection. If neglected, even a tiny leak can cause damage to your house. Happily, roof repairs are more affordable than a roof replacement. 

Call Palmetto Roofers for a free inspection! Our distinguished workers will know how to spot the problem right away.

If you are a homeowner and need a trustworthy company to come do a free inspection, call Palmetto Roofers today at (864) 686-4050 and we’ll come out asap to help.

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