Copper Roofing

Copper is one of the most traditional metals utilized in human history, it grants a kind of quality and durability that no other metal roof can level. There is more copper roofing on luxury houses and business structures now than ever before.

When correctly created and installed, copper roofing can be classified as an economical, long-term roofing answer. If you are looking for price, you might think that the copper roof is initially more expensive than most other roofing systems, but, they have long-term cost-effectiveness due to remarkably long lifespan.

You can’t have this kind of endurance with other roofing materials like wood and asphalt. The most common type of shingles have an approximately 25-year lifespan, copper can last for ages.

A copper roof will resist all forms of natural damage, as it ages, it produces a protective layer that acts as a barrier or shield. This barrier gives uncoated copper and copper a natural protection against fungus and bacteria growth. 

Since copper is mold- and rot-free, the maintenance can be done easily, natural rainwater is normally enough to wash away dirt and natural contaminants. Its low life cycle costs are attributable to the low maintenance, long life, and salvage value of copper.

Types of copper roofs

  1. Continuous copper roofing:  It consists of sheets of copper layered down on a roofing coating that gathers in one piece without joints or seams. This is normally is the most expensive alternative.
  2. Copper panels: They’re separate copper layers that come in standard measurements and need to be installed manually. These panels are more affordable.
  3. Copper roofing shingles: These are generally used because of their moderately low cost. They too are installed manually but it requires a more careful installation. This method needs copper fasteners to block some possible reactions that can occur when other metal elements come in contact with the roofing.

Copper Roofing Benefits 

  • Architectural aesthetic
  • Durability  
  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Low maintenance
  • Antimicrobial properties 
  • Light-weighted 
  • Lower thermal
  • Fire-resistant
  • Increased value when selling the house
  • Eco-friendly

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