Storm Damage

Roofs withstand extreme weather elements, but sometimes heavy storms can suddenly arrive, and you can’t tell when your house will be hit. Those storms have the potential to wreck property via storm surge, heavy rain, or snow. Climate changes can cause flooding or road impassibility, lightning, wildfires, and vertical wind shear. 

As a concerned homeowner, you should watch out for signs of roof damage to avoid future expenses. Some losses may be hard to see from the ground, and that’s why it’s necessary to schedule a thorough inspection with a roofing company. Also, having a basic knowledge and understanding of what steps you need to take if your roof got damaged helps in the long run.

The first step after a heavy storm is to assess the damage. Determine the general square foot area and specific details of the broken part. Note the severity of the destruction and look thoroughly to see if there are areas of missing shingles or exposed plywood, tarpaper. Report the elements that are visible or exposed. Take notes. Here are a few signs that your roof may have storm damage:

  • Missing shingles;
  • A different pattern of small round-shaped divots on the corners of the shingles;
  • Damaged or missing roof flashing;
  • Thin horizontal lines on the shingle;
  • Debris is still on top of the roof.

After the assessment, you will know how significant was the damage and if an area directly above the living space was affected. If the answer was yes, then there is a possibility of the interior property be ruined by leaking water. 

Place a bucket or garbage container under all leaks and remove any valuables assets to prevent further interior damage. Severe damage may need to be solved quickly using a strapped tarping method but, trivial repairs can be done immediately.

After doing the first aids, contact a reliable contractor to repair the roof. Always hire a professional certified roofing contractor.

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